Windsor Town Centre & Castle

We're off to Windsor! Offering old and new, modern and quaint

Wednesday 12th February

Entrance £19.50 & Coach £20 - Total £39.50 per (senior) person (Adults +£2)

We’re off to Windsor in February, with the option of making it a castle visit or simply a look around the town: there’s
a great shopping centre, offering old and new, modern and quaint.
If you’ve never been round Windsor Castle, the Queen’s ‘weekend cottage’, then it really is gorgeous. And, if you
have, there’s always some detail you won’t have taken in before – you can easily while away a couple of hours or
more. The state apartments – part of any tour – are beautifully ornate, created by King Charles II himself in the late
17th century. You’ll see paintings by Canaletto and Rembrandt, along with wonderful artefacts from the Royal
Collection. The Queen still uses these rooms for State Banquets. Not to be missed is Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, so
accurate in its detail that water flows from the baths and sinks, and the wine bottles contain the real stuff. Then
there’s St George’s Chapel, with its own serene atmosphere, burial-place of Henry VIII.
This is also an opportunity to explore the Thames-side town of Windsor, which grew up around the castle. The
medieval quarters, with some still-cobbled streets (opposite the main castle gate), are a mix of individual shops,
restaurants and pubs. Look out for Nell Gwynn house (apparently quite big up top) in Church Street, as well as Ye
Olde King’s Head – the pub where Shakespeare wrote The Merry Wives of Windsor.
So it’s up to you. Either book for castle entry (and you’d still have time for a look around the town, if you wanted to).
Or simply the town itself. We can guarantee you’ll enjoy whatever you decide.